Bookling’s Crate Subscription Box Review FEB-2017


Bookling’s Crate is a monthly book subscription box for those who are obsessed with reading! Each month you’ll receive a box with Young Adult Fantasy Book and lot of goodies.

The book name and goodies remains as a surprise; they don’t reveal what is inside the box.

The book they usually choose is handpicked adult fiction released within 30 days.

img_20170209_101251It was my first book subscription box, and I must say that I am impressed!



There are three plans;

  1. One Month Subscription Plan – Rs. 799 (about 11.96 $) Subscribe now and get chance to win March box for free.
  2. Three Month Subscription Plan – Rs. 2299 (about 34.41$) &
  3. Six Month Subscription Plan – 4494 (about 67.26 $)

If you subscribe for three month plan you can save up to 98 rupees (1.47 $) & if you subscribe for six month plan you can save up to 300 rupees (4.49 $).

Subscribe for any plan, they deliver it for free isn’t it awesome! I personally recommend you to subscribe for six-month plan.



My February box arrived yesterday (9th Feb 17) and this month’s theme was READY FOR ANYTHING.

I had no idea what is inside the box, it totally surprised me.

Following is the list of content in the February box

  1. Bookling’s Crate Feb postcard.
  2. Metal leaf bookmark.
  3. Two blended coffee packet from
  4. Two yoga bar chocolates from
  5. Two quoted bookmarks.
  6. In Omnia Paratus tote bag.
  7. Harry potter wand pencil.
  8. Author’s note.
  9. Book: ‘Freeks’ by Amanda Hocking (releasing on 15th feb).

1.Bookling’s Crate Feb postcard-


This card contains all the information about things included in the box, their prices, this month’s theme etc.

3.Blended coffee-



We got two coffee packets from beanstalknleaves, both are in two different flavors.

Beanstalk & Leaves Velvet Dew, Shotgun & Smoot Operator Medium Roast Ground Coffee 250 grm each

The coffee comes in airtight packets with zip lock, fragrance of both flavors is hardcore. Coffee lovers this month’s bookling’s box is haven for you.

1.Velvet Dew- This is little mild, smooth and relaxing perfect coffee for perfect evening. You can buy this on for Rs. 355 for 250-gram packet.

2.Smooth Operator- this flavor is little stronger than Velvet Dew but fragrance is awesome plus you will feel a surprising chocolaty teste in your mouth after finishing it. You can buy it on for about Rs. 355 for 250-gram packet.

There is one more flavor which is not included in the box is ‘Shotgun’ it is the strongest flavor from all of two above and you can get it on for about Rs. 335 for 250-gram packet.

Or you just want to try it you can get free sample from beanstalknleaves , just register for free sample on


4.Yogabar Chocolates-

Variety Pack: Box of 10(38g each)


The next thing we are getting in the Bookling’s box is Yoga bar chocolates and I love chocolates.

For more exiting flavors and varieties check their website

You can buy box (60-grams and six chocolate) of different flavors of these chocolates on for about 699 rupees.

We are getting Coffee zing with nice coffee flavor and chocolate chunk nut with dozens of different nuts plus chocolate flavor, these chocolate bars are all about rich fibre, full of nutrients and hunger killer! Each of these bar costs about 35 rupees.




We are getting two paper bookmark these are quoted on both side and are of good quality.


  1. In Omnia Paratus tote bag-

Next thing we are getting is In Omnia Paratus tote bag, with nice printed on both side perfect bag to carry books to your library.



  1. Harry potter wand pencil-

It’s beautiful pencil and also Harry potter wand from Blitheringcannon check their channel on Instagram for more handmade crafts and DM them to order.


8.Author’s note-


A little card with description about this month’s book.



And finally the book: ‘FREEKS’ by Amanda Hocking, this book is releasing on 15th of February in India.


Beautiful packing, i like it!


Goodreads synopsis-

In a world of magical visions and pyrokinesis, Mara just wants to have a normal life. But is that possible?

Mara has become used to the extraordinary. Roaming from place to place with Gideon Davorin’s Traveling Carnival, she longs for an ordinary life where no one has the ability to levitate or predict the future.

She gets her chance when the struggling sideshow sets up camp in the small town of Caudry and she meets a gorgeous local guy named Gabe. But before long, Mara realizes there’s a dark presence lurking in the town that’s threatening the lives of her friends. She has seven days to take control of a power she didn’t know she had in order to save everyone she cares about—and change the future forever.


Roll Up, Roll Up to Gideon Davorin’s Traveling Sideshow where everything is not what it seems. Freeks follows protagonist Mara, who has always longed for a normal life. But instead, travels with her mother as she performs in this marvellous show. It wouldn’t be too bad if she was actually in the show, but with no special talent. She is left to do the dirty work.

The tension and suspense in Freeks is fantastic. Because this world is rich of necromancy, magical visions, and pyrokinesis, the reader has now idea what is going to happen next. And with people disappearing and weird attacks, no one in the traveling show is safe. It was strange the outcome of the attacks, but it seemed to work in a weird way.



This is the first box I’ve received from Bookling’s Crate for me, book boxes are always difficult because you can hunt around for really cheap book prices online. But the value of this box is definitely the curation. I really enjoy adult fiction but don’t always have the time to scour for gems in each genre. This box reminds me of a friend of mine who always give me perfect book recommendations. This book was I haven’t heard of yet but I enjoyed both enough to check out the author’s other works! And the bookish items hit on some of my favorite fandoms. This box is a total hit for me!

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    1. I live in India, the subscription boxes like owlcrate , fairyloot take way much delivery charges to my country but on the bright side boxes like bookling’s crate , book beyond box etc. Are providing very good service at very cheap prices.

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