‘Eric Arthur Blair’ AKA. ‘George Orwell’ born in 1903 in India which was then a British colony. After attending a prep school at Eton college in England and working as a policeman in Burma he eventually found a steady employment as a journalist.

Orwell wrote perennial bestsellers Animal farm and 1984.

Animal farm was published in 1944. This book is an Allegory, which is a story in which specific characters and situations stand for other character and situations so as to make point about them.

  • The main action of animal farm stands for Russian revolution in 1917 and the early events of the soviet union. The setting of animal farm is dystopian in which imagined world is far worse than original as supposed to a utopia which is an ideal place or state.
  • This story highlights relationship between working class, proletarians and the aristocracy ,bourgeoisie within the context of capitalist society.
  • In this book farm animals are applicable to social classes today, socialist theory argues for the rich to be rich there must be a working class that is poor. This is clearly illustrated at a worldwide level.
  • Ideally it might be nice to picture the world where own what they work for, that every person contribute and takes equally. But as the story develops we will understand why this type of dystopian society cannot exist. An example of communist system trying to exist in the capitalist world.
  • As we read further we will understand the animals are protected under boundaries of their socialist farm and they thrive under this system of equality but soon they are forced to interact with outside world and that when communism turns in to something else.
  • It becomes a totalitarian society under the rule of one leader, and then we will see that for socialism to work under communist rule, everyone even those who are outside of the community has to be under the same system.

Lastly this story demonstrates the power of knowledge and how uneducated and ignorant can be easily manipulated. This kind of happen in real life too the public oftentimes be misinformed and manipulated about certain issues if they are ignorant about it.

Facts and events that seem so concrete may actually not even true nowadays its often up to individuals to find out for themselves.


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