“Sometimes you think you know things, know things very deeply, only to realise you don’t know a damn thing.”

It is second contemporary novel from Jandy Nelson, this book has won several awards like Printz award, a stonewall honour book award, Josette frank book award etc. I am absolutely in love with Jandy Nelson’s writing. She has a way of pulling you in and keeping you there, no matter how long the chapters/parts are.

“I’ll give you the sun” follows twins Noah and Jude, as they grow apart and meet again among mistakes and difficult family dynamics.

The story is told in dual prospective in two different timelines, Noah when he is 13 years old and Jude when she is 16 years old. They had a perfect family but something terrible happens which just tear their family apart, which sets an alternating point of view to the novel, before the tragedy and after the tragedy.

I love that how the story comes together in the end and making sense that why it is written in two different prospective.

The writing is bit magical realism for both protagonists, how they describe art and surrounding is just magical. I also really enjoyed the spiritual aspects of this book. And the artistic side! Oh my, I loved it!

This book comes under LGBTQ, Noah is gay and whole story does not revolve around his sexuality. It covers family, friendship, love betrayal etc. this is a perfect YA book.

Overall this is the second-best novel I have read in LGBTQ category after Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the Universe and it’s probably the best contemporary i read this year. I gave 5 stars to this book on goodreads. This book is everything. It is insightful, artistic, deep, emotional, colourful, and brilliant. I recommend this book to everyone. And read it with tissues.

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