Dark Matter SPOILER-FREE review


Dark Matter is written by Blake Crouch and  is very impressive page turning thriller driven by goal of it’s character.
– All the brilliant plots and concept imagining of something more, something thrilling. But, real engine of the book is love story from the first page to the last.
– This book gives a bitter message about second chance and Paths not taken.
– Jason Dessen is an atomic physicist living at the Logan Square with his wife Daniella and son Charlie. Jason is a true genius there was a moment in his late twenties that he could have been star in his field but he chooses of family focus life and became a professor in a small college instead of  scientific genius working in huge scientific firm.
One night when he was walking home from party he gets abducted by a mysterious masked man and drugged. When he wakes up next, his life has completely changed. He’s not married, He don’t have a son and he is not the college professor anymore instead he has achieved success beyond dreams. He is now on the path he didn’t chose in his late twenties.
– This sets a mysteries and horrifying journey of Jason to find what happened to him and who did this to him.
– This story contains element of science fiction and paranoid suspense. It is a manifestation of Jason’s existantial question who is he? Who was he supposed to be? It is his quest to find his way to home, to the people he loved throughout his life.
– If you are a science fiction fan then this book is for you and if you are not a science fiction fan then this book will make you.
Rating on Goodreads 5/5

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